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Management and response to natural disasters

Over the past years, the East Asian Seas region has suffered from an increasing intensity of natural hazards such as tropical cyclones, flooding, earthquakes and Tsunamis. As a result of climate change, predictions for the future are dire suggesting raising sea levels and an increase in extreme weather events, affecting the coastal zone in particular. At the same time, the potential impacts of these disasters are increasing with a growing coastal population density.

COBSEA is looking into these disaster prevention with a focus on available tools such as spatial planning and integrated coastal zone management. Pilot activities will be undertaken among Tsunami affected COBSEA member countries in order to develop relevant regional guidelines and criteria that can be applied also by other countries.

The Indramayu Pilot Project on Integrated Coastal Zone Management

In early 2007, COBSEA was provided with funding support from Mangroves for the Future (MFF) for the implementation of a district-level pilot activity to combine climate change adaptation measures into integrated coastal zone planning through spatial planning in Indramayu, Java island, Indonesia. The project was initiated in November 2007 and completed in mid 2009. The Ministry of Environment, Indonesia was the lead agency while cooperating with the National Spatial Planning Coordination Board, the Ministry of Marine Affairs (MMAF) and its Directorate of Spatial Planning for Sea, Coasts and Small Islands.

The objectives were to identify indicators for monitoring coastal and livelihood changes due to climate variability, to develop criteria/guidelines for integration of climate change adaptation measures into the integrated coastal planning of Indramayu and to develop a detailed spatial plan with consideration to climate change and adaptation measures. A final report of the project was produced and published in early 2010. The lessons learned from the project were also used for the planning and implementation of the proposed Sida Project on spatial planning.

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